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Name levitation
Appearance random
Base price 200 zm
Weight 3

Wearing a ring of levitation causes you to levitate.


Identifying a ring of levitation could not be any easier; just put the (ideally noncursed) ring on and see if you begin levitating!

Dropping a ring of levitation into a sink produces the message, "The sink quivers upward for a moment."


Main article: Levitation

While you are levitating, you will float over some otherwise hazardous terrain and traps, but you will not be able to touch the ground to pick up items.

Levitating over a sink removes any sources of levitation and causes you to crash to the ground; this can be useful in removing a cursed ring of levitation, or a ring of levitation under cursed gloves.


A ring of levitation is favored in the ascension kit for providing levitation without taking up an armor slot like levitation boots. While it is not impossible to complete the game without a levitation source, a source of levitation makes crossing areas such as Medusa's Island and the Plane of Air much simpler.

Having a source of levitation at the Castle allows players to enter via the back door, thus bypassing the drawbridge, if they are wary of giant eels and sharks.

Using a ring of levitation to hover over Elbereth is no longer a viable strategy since the engraving will still disappear underneath the player if they take any offensive action.

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