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Name warning
Appearance random
Base price 100 zm
Weight 3

Wearing a ring of warning gives you the warning property.


It is easy to identify; simply wear it and go to a dungeon level with monsters that you cannot directly see. The warning will cause them to be displayed as numbers (or colored question marks, if playing with tiles).


Main article: Warning

Warning is a valuable property to have; while it does not explicitly reveal the identity of the creatures a la telepathy, it has a larger range than telepathy, and works while unblind unlike intrinsic telepathy. Telepathy also does not sense mindless creatures like undead, whereas warning works on all but monsters of level 3 or lower. However, several roles get warning intrinsically as they increase in level; for them, a ring of warning is obviously useless once they reach that point.

Wooden or metal rings of warning can be eaten to acquire warning intrinsically.

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