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Shattering can refer to a shattering blow, a powerful strike that destroys a monster's wielded weapon.

Shattering can also refer to the following messages:

A <object> shatters into a thousand pieces!
You destroyed a fragile item by impact, e.g. by kicking it.
You hear a muffled shatter.
You kicked a chest or large box, and some fragile items inside it were destroyed.
The statue shatters.
You destroyed a statue and turned it into a pile of rocks, e.g. with a pick-axe.
Instead of shattering, the statue of a <monster> suddenly comes to life!
You tried to destroy a statue, but it was actually a statue trap.
A <color> potion shatters!
You threw a potion, but it didn't hit any monsters and struck the ground instead.
[Your|The <monster>'s] <color> potion freezes and shatters!
A potion in your or a monster's inventory was destroyed with a bolt of cold.
The chain shatters!
You were punished, but an explosion (e.g. from a land mine) destroyed the iron chain and ended your punishment.
The door freezes and shatters!
You destroyed a door with a bolt of cold.
As you kick the door, it shatters to pieces!
You destroyed a door by kicking it down.
The trapdoor beneath you shatters.
You destroyed a trapdoor with a wand of striking, turning it into a hole.
There's a trapdoor beneath you; it shatters.
As above, but you discovered the trapdoor in the process.
Your lance shatters on impact!
You were jousting, but your lance broke.

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