2007 June nethack.alt.org tournament

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The 2007 June nethack.alt.org tournament occurred during June of 2007. The competition was open to any game played on nethack.alt.org that started and ended during the month. In total, 349 ascensions in 14,524 total games counted for the tournament.

See also Junethack.


Two individual trophies added this year were:

In addition, the three clan trophies added:

  • Best in Show
  • Most Ascensions
  • Highest Ascension Ratio

Trophies removed:

  • Highest-Scored Non-Ascension
  • Lowest HP Ascension
  • Lowest Average Dungeon Level
  • Most Lifesaved Ascension
  • Most Efficient Ascension

The unique trophies death should have been included, but was not.


Theta was the first to achieve a Full Monty in a /dev/null/nethack tournament or the 2006 nethack.alt.org tournament. 78291 ascended a staggering 42 games, while sustaining a ratio above 50%.

The monthly ascension number was shattered, with the 388 ascensions ending in June easily topping the previous high of 219. Daily ascensions was also beaten, twice. First time was on the first day with 19, with the final day's 22 ascensions surpassing that mark. Lastly, the number of games ended in a day was also topped, with the 701 occurring on the first bettering the former record of 582.

This was the first year the tournament supported clans.

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