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In NetHack, certain items will instantly become cursed in response to player actions - the presence of these autocursing items will require you to exercise caution when handling unknown items, even if they do not appear to be cursed.


An item that autocurses itself will become cursed regardless of beatitude. The following items will autocurse themselves:

The helm and the dunce cap will become cursed when worn by a player, while the loadstone only becomes cursed when dropped - that is, picking up an uncursed loadstone is technically safe.


If you are not playing as a Wizard and do not have a large-sized pet(s) that you want to give magic cancellation, you can safely ignore all conical hats - the only other hat that shares that appearance is the cornuthaum, which is only of use to a Wizard or any player with such a pet.

Loadstones are best left alone, since all randomly generated loadstones on the ground and 1011 of loadstones in containers are generated cursed.



In EvilHack, the Wand of Orcus will autocurse when dropped or wielded, and has a 1100 chance of doing so on its own if it is non-cursed and in your inventory.

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