Auto shotgun

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) Auto shotgun.png
Name auto shotgun
Appearance auto shotgun
Damage vs. small 1d2
Damage vs. large 1d2
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill firearms
Size one-handed
Base price 1500 zm
Weight 60
Material iron

An auto shotgun is a firearm found in SLASH'EM. It is a two-handed launcher that fires shotgun shells at a high rate.


Auto shotguns have a 12 chance of generating on captains. They are not generated otherwise.


Auto shotguns are two-handed, and weigh somewhat more than normal shotguns (60 vs 35). They are less accurate than their single-shot brethren, with a +0 accuracy bonus, and share the same range at 3 squares.

Their rate of fire is dependent upon their enchantment and the skill of their user, but even a +0 auto shotgun in the hands of an unskilled user will fire 2 shots per turn.

Rate of fire

Enchantment Unskilled/basic Skilled Expert
-6 or lower 1 1 2
-5 to -3 1 2 1d2+1
-2 to +2 2 1d2+1 1d3+1
+3 to +5 1d2+1 1d3+1 1d4+1
+6 to +8 1d3+1 1d4+1 1d5+1
+9 1d4+1 1d5+1 1d6+1


Auto shotguns have little practical use. Most players will not want a two-handed firearm to begin with, and even though shotgun shells are more damaging than bullets, the higher rate of fire of a submachine gun or assault rifle allows those weapons to do more damage per turn. Furthermore, shotgun shells are quite rare, especially for characters who don't wish to murder shopkeepers.


Automatic shotguns are exactly what they sound like, shotguns that are capable of producing automatic fire. While they are not terribly common, some military units use them as close-range weapons. Compared to ordinary shotguns, they tend to have a shorter range, but are even more likely to hit a close-by target.