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An assault rifle is a firearm introduced in SLASH'EM. It is often found on soldiers and their senior officers. An assault rifle is set on fully automatic mode by default, but can be set to burst mode (rate of fire cut to 13) or single-shot mode by applying it.

Rate of fire

In fully automatic mode, the assault rifle's rate of fire depends on its enchantment and skill of the user.

Enchantment Unskilled & Basic Skilled Expert
−7 to −6 5 5 5
−5 to −3 5 5 1d2+4
−2 to +2 5 1d2+4 1d3+4
+3 to +5 1d2+4 1d3+4 1d4+4
+6 to +8 1d3+4 1d4+4 1d5+4
+9 1d4+4 1d5+4 1d6+4


Assault rifles have a magazine, permitting the fire of a burst or continuous fire of bigger bullets than pistols or submachine guns; they also have a buttstock.

The iconic AK-47 is an assault rifle.