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Blink is a technique that appears in SLASH'EM, SlashTHEM, and Hack'EM.

All hobbits start each game with knowledge of this technique.


When activated, the technique slows down the turn counter for a number of turns equal to rnd(TECHLEVEL+1)+2. The technique can be used again after 500-1499 turns.

While blink is active, you have an effective speed of 24 if you have normal speed, 28 if you are fast, or 30 if you are very fast.


You feel the flow of time slow down
You activated the technique.
You sense the flow of time returning to normal
The technique has expired. The turn counter has returned to normal.


In the early game, the blink technique only lasts for a couple of game turns and is best reserved for escaping a monster that is giving you trouble. You can also use it to throw more projectiles (such as daggers) or cast more spells before the threat can reach you.