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For other implementations of the monster, see Cerberus.

Cerberus, d, is a deferred monster in the source code of NetHack. He is a monster that is part of the canine monster class, and is a carnivorous animal that is strong and can be seen via infravision.[1]

Cerberus has three bite attacks, and possesses fire resistance.

Eating Cerberus's corpse or tin has a chance of conveying fire resistance.


Cerberus is not generated anywhere, but has rules governing his generation like any other monster.

Cerberus will always be created hostile, and he is not a valid target for polymorph.


Cerberus's data first appears in NetHack 3.0.0.


Several variants of NetHack fully implement Cerberus and grant the monster additional traits and abilities depending on the variant.


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Encyclopedia entry

Cerberus, (or Kerberos in Greek), was the three-headed dog
that guarded the Gates of Hell. He allowed any dead to enter,
and likewise prevented them all from ever leaving. He was
bested only twice: once when Orpheus put him to sleep by
playing bewitching music on his lyre, and the other time when
Hercules confronted him and took him to the world of the
living (as his twelfth and last labor).