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In NetHack, Chih Sung-tzu is the neutral god of the Monk pantheon.


Yu Shi (traditional Chinese: 雨師; simplified Chinese: 雨师; "Master of Rain") is a Chinese spirit or god of rain, who is also known as Chisongzi (Chinese: 赤松子; pinyin: Chì-Sōng-Zǐ; Wade–Giles: "Ch'ih-sung-tzu") or else conflated with him; in modern times he is worshipped in southwest China, particularly by the Han Chinese and Maonan people. Chih Sung-tzu also appears in the 1st Advanced edition of Dungeons & Dragons, where he is a true neutral greater god known as Lord of the Rain.

As Chisongzi, he is said to have earned his title during the reign of the first Yan Emperor Shennong, where he ended a severe drought by sprinkling water from an earthen bowl with the aid of a tree branch. As Yu Shi, he and the wind deity Feng Bo are said to have aided Chiyou in his struggle against the Yellow Emperor during the Battle of Zhuolu, but Yu Shi was defeated by the intervention of the drought goddess Ba.



In dNetHack, notdNetHack and notnotdNetHack, Chih Sung-tzu is replaced by Laozi.

Encyclopedia entry

A character in Chinese mythology noted for bringing about the end of a terrible drought which threatened the survival of the people. He achieved this by means of sprinkling the earth with water from a bowl, using the branch of a tree to do so. He became the heavenly controller of the rain, and lived with other celestial beings in their paradise on Mount Kunlun.

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