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[ Tattered cape.png[ Opera cloak.png[ Ornamental cope.png[ Piece of cloth.png
cloak of invisibility
Appearance random
Slot cloak
AC 1
Base price 60 zm
Weight 10
Material cloth

투명화의 망토넷핵에 등장하는 망토입니다.


입었을때, 이 망토는 MC1투명화를 제공하고, 이미 투명한 상태가 아니라면 자동감정 될것입니다.


Main article: Invisibility

투명화의 망토는 초반에 편리한것을 알아낼수 있으나, but once special attacks become more commonplace, other cloaks that provide higher MC, such as a cloak of protection, may be desired. The cloak of displacement/ko (which provides the same AC and MR) can also be a comparable long-term choice; though invisibility adds a -2 명중 penalty even if the monster discovers your position, displacement makes it less likely for them to do so in the first place, and is not thwarted by the ability to see invisible that becomes much more common in the mid-to-late game. Still, the to-hit penalty can be a life-saver when trying to safely end or else escape early fights.

As far as sources of "at-will" invisibility, a ring of invisibility is also somewhat more convenient; even for those combining them with a stalker corpse to gain see invisible and permanent invisibility, it is slightly quicker to put on a ring or drink a potion.



In SLASH'EM, cloaks of invisibility provide MC2. If it happens to be an "opera cloak", it will often appear in the starting inventory of vampires, making it appear more often; however, this also means most vampires will be invisible, making them difficult to fight unless the player can see invisible.

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