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There are two ways to convert yourself to a different alignment. An altar can also be converted to your alignment, provided it is not in Gehennom or a high altar.

Converting an altar

If you make a normal sacrifice on a non-coaligned non-high altar outside of Gehennom while your alignment record is not negative, there is a chance that you will convert the altar to your alignment. (The altar to Moloch in Orcish Town can also be converted.) A same-race sacrifice on a lawful or neutral altar is also guaranteed to convert it to chaotic.

Converting yourself

You can change your alignment by the following methods:

  • Put on a helm of opposite alignment. Lawful characters will become chaotic, and vice versa. Neutral characters will become lawful or chaotic, depending on the individual helm being worn. This change lasts until you remove (or destroy) the helm, though this is complicated by the fact that the helm will autocurse.
  • Sacrifice on a cross-aligned altar while your alignment record is negative, or sacrifice a co-aligned unicorn on a cross-aligned altar. You will permanently become the alignment of the altar. You can only convert yourself this way once per game, and if done before you are admitted to your quest it will make the game unwinnable. You cannot become unaligned, and this is the only way to convert to neutral.

By converting yourself, you can pick up an opposite-aligned quest artifact that would normally evade your grasp, and continue to hold the artifact if you then change alignment again while holding it, as long as you do not drop the artifact or put it into a container. You can also ascend at a cross-aligned high altar by converting your alignment, though you will miss out on a score multiplier for ascending with your starting alignment. You cannot be admitted to your quest after converting or while wearing a helm of opposite alignment.

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