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Fish refers to the grouping of body parts for the forms of aquatic life, except for jellyfish, which are considered jellies for this purpose. It affects the messages referring to the appropriate body parts as follows[1]:

Bodypart[2] Description
Arm Fin
Eye Eye
Face Premaxillary
Finger Pelvic axillary
Fingertip Pelvic fin
Foot Anal fin
Hand Pectoral fin
Handed Finned
Head Head
Leg Peduncle
Light Headed Played out
Neck Gills
Spine Dorsal fin
Toe Caudal fin
Hair Scales
Blood Blood
Lung Gill
Nose Nostril
Stomach Stomach

Some members of the fish body group have special rules hard-coded for them - for example, sharks have skin rather than scales in the "hair" descriptor[3], as in real life. Another example of TDTTOE.

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