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i was just reading about wishing and was wondering dose anebody know if you can wish for am alter???

Only in wizard mode, where you can wish for most dungeon features (lava, pools of water, fountains, etc). In a normal game, you can't. There's always a convertible altar in minetown; if you have a spare wish you can wish for a means to kill the priest if he's cross-aligned, such as a wand of death or a figurine of an Archon, and then convert the altar. -Ion frigate 02:32, August 25, 2010 (UTC)
Neither the wand of death or the figurine is absolutely failsafe, though; the figurine might not turn out tame, and the priest has a small chance of being generated with a cloak of magic resistance (which eliminates the wand of death -- I had a scary experience with the High Priest of Moloch resisting my death zaps once, but that's another story). The aligned priest page has information about converting temples (probably the best way is to use a scroll of earth to make a boulder fort, have reflection, and kill the priest from a distance). I don't do this, though, so don't take my advice too much. -- Slandor 16:44, August 25, 2010 (UTC)