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Fulvous is a form of monster template that is used in dNetHack and notdNetHack. Fulvous monsters with a proper name are known as Name of Carcosa instead.


Fulvous monsters are always created hostile.

Most fulvous monsters are generated in some form by the Stranger:

  • While the Stranger is on the same level as you, monsters you kill that leave behind corpses are likely to revive as fulvous undead.
  • The Stranger can create a fulvous player monster bard, madman or madwoman as "yellow nasties" by way of its harassment effects and yellow dead monster spell.


A fulvous monster becomes undead similar to a zombie, and gains a +2 bonus to natural DR and a +3 bonus to special DR, for 5 total - they also become resistant to piercing and bludgeoning damage, while becoming vulnerable to slashing damage and losing any resistance their living form had. Fulvous monsters lose all martial skills, but gain a sleep-inducing touch attack; they are also given an extra die of damage for physical attacks, and have their damage dice size increased by 2. A fulvous monster will no longer pick up items, will not hide or conceal themselves, and cannot be seen via infravision. Fulvous monsters have cold resistance, poison resistance and sleep resistance.

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