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The gnoll is a type of monster that appears in SpliceHack, and is a formal monster class unlike gnolls in other variants. Gnolls are represented by the number nine glyph (9), and are designated internally by the macro S_GNOLL.

The monster class contains the following monsters:

Minus the marrashi, all gnolls in SpliceHack are adapted from the gnolls of SLASH'EM.

Common traits

All gnolls are humanoid-shaped omnivorous monsters that have infravision and the ability to see invisible, and will pick up weapons, food, gold, gems, and magical items. Their corpses are poisonous to eat. The marrashi is distinct from other gnolls in some aspects: where other gnolls are chaotic monsters and can hide themselves, the marrashi is a lawful gnoll that cannot hide themselves, but is capable of flight. The marrashi also does not exhibit a particular bias towards any form of behavior - a gnoll shaman will act as a supporter to other allied monsters, while other gnolls will attempt to flank a player character.


Randomly-generated gnolls are always created hostile, and are not valid forms for normal polymorph. With the exception of the marrashi, they are only randomly generated in Gehennom.

Encyclopedia entry

These bipedal hyenas serve Yeenoghu, and are almost unmatched
in combat.