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This is our policy page. If you need to change it, please edit the page and be reasonable.


Follow Wikia policies where applicable.
While NetHackWiki was hosted at Wikia, their central policies and terms of use applied to us as well. The spirit (of the non-Wikia-specific parts) of those policies should, in general, still be followed, as they mostly describe reasonable rules for behavior on wikis in general. For example, no single user owns this wiki, nor any article page, users shall not harass other users, etc. Of course, local practice and policy can and should override Wikia policies where appropriate.
Generally avoid adding spoilers or content written by someone else.
If you ask for the author's permission to add it to NetHackWiki according to our copyrights, then yes, you can add it. Otherwise, it is best to assume not. Try to link to other wikis instead of copying from them, and always give credit to any authors outside of NetHackWiki. Content that you upload to this wiki must be compatible with the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, unless it fits one of the specific exemptions on NetHackWiki:Copyrights.
The scope of this wiki is NetHack and its variants.
Main article: Scope
Observe the advice in the style guide.
Use discussion and user pages appropriately.
Discussion pages are for talking in ThreadMode; user pages belong to a particular user.


You can upload images and screenshots.
However, if the images and screenshots will never be linked or used on a NetHackWiki page, then do not upload them here. You need to log in to upload images; then you can use Upload file in the toolbox on the left.
Prefer PNG for screenshots.
Tag your images with a license.
For NetHack screenshots, the tag is {{NGPL}}; see Project:Templates for the other tags. If you do not know how to use the tags or cannot find the correct tag, state the license anyway.

Lack of policy

This wiki might develop other policy, but currently there is no policy in the following areas:

There is no restriction on vanity pages, nor YANI pages.
Thus, you can create a page about yourself (distinct from your user page), and you can invent new objects or monsters and write pages about them, though you must allow other users to edit these pages, and you should make it clear that these are YANIs, not part of vanilla NetHack.
There is little policy for point of view.
You might encounter neutral point of view, sympathetic point of view, or something else. As MeatballWiki describes it, "It is critical to understand that DocumentMode emphatically does not always mean NeutralPointOfView." However, the style guide contains some advice on tone.