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WikiNodes connect multiple wikis together. You have reached the WikiNode of NetHackWiki, a wiki about the roguelike computer game called NetHack. This page describes how this wiki relates to other wikis and links to the WikiNodes of our neighbors.

(Hint: most computers can run NetHack – visit to download the game, or try for a public server.)

Points of interest

Learn more about this wiki. We are "an unofficial resource and community site for NetHack".
Main Page
Contains links to the most useful parts of this site.
D is a dragon while d is a dog...
Source code
Learn how cursed_book in spell.c determines the effect of reading a cursed spellbook, or why onames.h is missing from your copy.
Community Portal


This wiki is all about NetHack, but there are some NetHack-stuff on other wiki too.

WikiIndex covers us.