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The intention of this page is to document each template at this wiki. This page only describes what each template does; for tips on styling an article, try Style guide.

The box at the top-right of this page is Template:Community.

Pages needing attention


What appears What you type

A user has suggested improving this page or section as follows:

"This page needs X doing."

{{todo|This page needs X doing.}}

The {{todo}} template marks a page with a message about what needs to be done. It also adds the page to Category:Todo.


What appears What you type

A user has suggested the deletion of this page. The reason given was:

"insert reason"

{{delete|insert reason}}

The {{delete}} template adds a page to Category:Candidates for deletion so that administrators can consider deleting it.


What appears What you type

A user has suggested this page be merged with "insert reason"

{{merge|insert reason}}

The {{merge}} template adds a notice that the page should be merged with another, or several others. It also adds the page to Category:Pages to be merged.

If you see a merge notice, try merging the pages!


What appears What you type
This page is a stub. Should you wish to do so, you can contribute by expanding this page.
This page is a stub. Should you wish to do so, you can contribute by expanding this page.

A user has suggested improving this page or section as follows:

"Is this artifact better than Frost Brand?"

{{stub|Is this artifact better than [[Frost Brand]]?}}

The {{stub}} template appeals for someone to click the "edit" link and add more information to an article. It also lists the article in Category:Stubs.

Color templates

The function templates of Category:Function templates allow you to show monsters or objects in any of the 16 colors that NetHack uses. Witness, for example:

Object represented What you type Result
newt {{yellow|:}} (or {{monsym|newt}}) :
lichen {{brightgreen|F}} (or {{monsym|lichen}}) F
lit and unlit corridor {{white|#}}{{white|#}}{{lightgray|#}}{{lightgray|#}} ####
pool of lava {{red|}}} }
grave {{lightgray||}} |

To display monster symbols you should use Template:Monsym instead, unless the monster symbol you want to display is dependant on the NetHack version and shouldn't change even if it changes in future NetHack versions.

See Category:Function templates for details.


We have templates for information boxes to be put on each item and monster page; see NetHackWiki:Style guide#Item pages and Template:Monster respectively.

We now also have a Template:Patch for pages about a patch.

Template link

What appears What you type
Use {{stub}} to mark stubs. Use {{tl|stub}} to mark stubs.



The Category:Link templates contains boxes that float to the right and show links to other websites, mostly wiki projects. This is most frequently used to link to Wikipedia:

What appears What you type

We also have one that links to Unix manual pages:

What appears What you type

Source code references

Template:Refsrc references individual lines in the source code. In a similar way, Template:Reffunc references a named entity (most often a function, hence the name) in the source code.

Template:Sourcecode and Template:Function work almost the same way, but they don't wrap the link in <ref> tags so they can be used to simply link to the source.

Links to SLASH'EM source

Template:Semsrc helps one generate links into SLASH'EM's CVS repository, especially to the HEAD. Note that this is no longer necessary for SLASH'EM 0.0.7E7F2 because we can now use local links, for example using Template:Sourcecode and Template:Refsrc which both support a version parameter.


What appears

What you type

This page is based on a spoiler by Dylan O'Donnell. The original license is:

Redistribution, copying, and editing of these spoilers, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. The original contributors to any spoiler must continue to be credited.
  2. Any modifications to the spoiler must be acknowledged and credited.

{{DOD}} on articles based on Hugo/O'Donnell spoilers

This page is based on a spoiler by J. Ali Harlow.

{{JAH}} on articles based on the Vernon Spoilers

This page is based on a spoiler by Author, available at

{{basedon|name=Author|url=}} on articles based on other, copyrightless, spoilers.

Some or all of the information on this page was taken from with the permission of the contributor. A list of people who gave such permission is at Contributors to Rodney donating to the Wiki.

{{rodney}} on articles based on entries from Rodney (bot)

Screenshots and source code from Hack are used under the CWI license.

{{CWI}} on source code from early version of NetHack

The NetHack General Public License applies to screenshots, source code and other content from NetHack.

This content was modified from the original NetHack source code distribution (by splitting up NetHack content between wiki pages, and possibly further editing). See the page history for a list of who changed it, and on what dates.

{{NGPL}} on NGPL-licensed source code from NetHack

GNU head Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "Text of the GNU Free Documentation License."

{{GFDL}} on images

This work is copyrighted. The individual who uploaded this work and first used it in an article, as well as subsequent persons who place it into articles, asserts that this qualifies as fair use of the material under United States copyright law.

{{fairuse}} on images


These tags indicate some copyright external to the copyright of this wiki.

Some images can use {{fairuse}}, but this should always be avoided except when needed, for example for the Wikipedia logo. In most cases, fair use such as simply quoting from the game ("The newt bites! You die...") or giving game statistics (like when using {{monster}}) does not require a template.


Put {{disambig}} at the bottom of disambiguation pages.

{{otheruses}}, {{for}}, {{for2}} or {{distinguish}} can be put at the top of pages whose title has another major meaning, but try to limit this to pages where a real potential for confusion exists.

Main article

{{main}} may be used to ensure consistent style when indicating a main article from within a section. The Links section above uses this template thus:

{{main|Category:Link templates}}

Unsigned comments

Put {{unsigned}} after unsigned comments.


Edit {{news}} to add news items to the front page.


Substitute the {{welcome}} template on the talk pages of anonymous users:

{{subst:welcome}} --~~~~

Featured article

On the first of every month, put a new featured article in {{currentfeature}}.


There are other templates, such as {{NetHack Versions}}, but they are already on every page they should ever be on.

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