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A category is an automatic list of existing wiki pages, useful to both wiki editors and readers; it is useful for exploring wiki pages that have already been created.

To add a page to a category, put a link like [[Category:Articles]] at the bottom of the page. (You could put it anywhere, but the bottom is best.) To only make normal link, such as Category:Articles, use [[:Category:Articles]] with an extra colon before "Category". To move a page to a different category, edit the page and replace the [[Category:...]] tag with the one that you want to use.

By convention, categories are named like articles, except that they tend to be plural nouns.

Category descriptions

If you try to edit a category page, you will only be able to edit the category description that appears above the list of articles. To actually change the list of articles, you need to edit the individual articles and adjust their category links.


Each category page lists its pages in alphabetical order under first letter. It is possible to change this using sortkeys.

For example, normally everything in Category:Potions would be under "P", because all of the articles start with "potion of": potion of enlightenment, potion of see invisible, and the others. However, using sortkeys, we can put the potion of enlightenment under "E" and that of see invisible under "S". The following code belongs at the bottom of its respective article:

  • [[Category:Potions|Enlightenment]]
  • [[Category:Potions|See invisible]]

List of categories

Current categories include the following. There might already be new categories that are not in this list. You can also look at the current category tree using Special:CategoryTree (if your browser supports it).

Only create a category page if the category contains at least one page or two subcategories, and if the category has the potential to contain several pages or subcategories.

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