Orihalcyon gauntlets

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Appearance random
Slot gloves
AC 1
Base price 50 zm
Weight 10
Material metal

A pair of Orihalcyon gauntlets provides magic resistance. Making you immune to the nastier traps, and any wand of striking or magic missiles fired by an enemy.


Orihalcyon gauntlets are made of rustproof metal. As the only other metal gloves are the gauntlets of power, which have an obvious effect when worn, a touchstone can be used to unambiguously identify orihalcyon gauntlets.

Even if you observe orihalcyon gauntlets nullifying an effect, they will not self-identify.


Orihalcyon gauntlets come from the (sadly defunct) webcomic Bookwyrms. The name is presumably a portmanteau of 'orichalcum' and 'halcyon.'