Ornate mace (SpliceHack)

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For the weapon in EvilHack and Hack'EM, see rod.
) Ornate mace.png
Name ornate mace
Appearance ornate mace
Damage vs. small 1d6+1
Damage vs. large 1d6
To-hit bonus +2 (SpliceHack)
+0 (SlashTHEM)
Weapon skill mace
Size one-handed
Base price 5 (SpliceHack)
500 (SlashTHEM) zm
Weight 30
Material gold

An ornate mace is a type of weapon that appears in SpliceHack and SlashTHEM. It is one-handed and uses the mace skill, and has a base object material of gold.


In both variants, the ornate mace is not randomly generated.


In SpliceHack, the ornate mace is the base item for the artifact weapon Sharur.


In SlashTHEM, the ruler of a throne room is always generated with an ornate mace.


The ornate mace is almost completely identical to a regular mace save for its material; in SpliceHack, it also has a +2 to-hit bonus.


In SlashTHEM, the ornate mace's material makes it an especially vulnerable to theft from leprechauns and being eaten by goldbugs.