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A pill is an item introduced in SLASH'EM. It can refer to white pills, which are only found inside medical kits, or to pink pills which are found on their own.

When a pink pill is eaten, it will have one of seven equally likely effects ("You swallow the little pink pill."):

Effect Message
You get a wish. "The pink sugar coating hid a silver wishing pill! You may wish for an object."
You gain 600 points of nutrition. "That tasted like vitamins"
You become very fast for 200–209 turns. "Wow... everything is moving in slow motion..."
You are poisoned; you lose 1–4 points of strength and 1–15 hit points. "You feel your stomach twinge."
You fall asleep for up to 49 turns. "You feel drowsy..."
You hallucinate for 150 (more) turns. "Oh wow! Look at the lights!"
You are stunned for 30 (more) turns. "Everything begins to get blurry."

The four negative effects may be resisted, or fixed with a unicorn horn, making pills a safe, albeit unlikely, way of getting a wish. If any of the negative effects are resisted, you will get the message "Hmm. Nothing happens."

You may suffer the ill effects of rotten food, including passing out. Thus it is best to eat your pills in a safe place while not satiated or starving.


SpliceHack has pink pills which are mostly the same as in SLASH'EM, but do not grant wishes. The other six outcomes remain equally likely.