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Reinforce Memory is a technique for the roles Flame Mage, Ice Mage, Necromancer, and Wizard in SLASH'EM. It can be used to increase the memory of a spell that is about to be forgotten. If the specified spell has not been forgotten and the spell timeout is at most 1000 turns, the technique will increase the timeout by 10,000 turns - the same as successfully reading the spellbook - and exercise your wisdom. If successful, the technique can be used again after 500-1499 turns[1].

Casting a spell with a timeout less than 1000 turns will produce the message Your knowledge of this spell is growing faint. or You strain to recall the spell.. If you encounter either message it is a good idea to use this technique to increase the timeout. However, as a successful casting of any spell in SLASH'EM increases the timeout by 500 turns, it may be necessary to wait before the technique can be used.


You know that spell quite well already.
You used the technique on a spell with a timeout greater than 1000 turns.
You focus and reinforce your memory of the spell.
You used the technique on a spell with a timeout less than or equal to 1000 turns.
You are unable to focus your memory of the spell.
You have already forgotten the spell.
You can't concentrate right now!
You tried to use the technique while hallucinating, stunned, or confused.