Scroll of mass murder

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? Scroll.png
Name mass murder
Appearance random
Base price 300 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write 10-19
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

The scroll of mass murder only exists in NhTNG, Slash'EM Extended, and SlashTHEM. It is a weaker alternative to the scroll of genocide that only affects monsters on the same dungeon level as the player. It can be handy for emergencies to get rid of monster groups that are an immediate threat to the player.

Reading effects

Case Effect
blessed/uncursed You can kill all members of a monster species on the current level.
cursed You are surrounded by 4 to 6 monsters of one species, if they are not already genocided or extinct.

Unlike the scroll of genocide, a scroll of mass murder doesn't kill you if you're confused.


Message Reason
"You have found a scroll of mass murder." The scroll of mass murder is found
"Wiped out all <monster>." Successfully removed <monster> from the current level.
"What monster do you want to mass murder? [type the name]" You can type in a species name.
"Sent in some <monster>." The scroll was cursed.


The scroll of mass murder is a very rare item; while read-identifying random scrolls is probably a bad idea, this scroll unambiguously identifies itself upon reading, as no other scroll gives the same prompt. If you don't know if the scroll is cursed, you may want to choose a monster that you can easily kill so if it's cursed and you're surrounded by the specified type of monster, you actually have a chance of surviving. On the other hand, in an emergency situation you'll want to choose the monster that's causing you trouble, hoping that the scroll isn't cursed.

This scroll cannot be read by monsters.


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