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NetHack: The Next Generation was Sebastian Klein's variant of NetHack 3.1.3. Its main features are Geek as a new role, and various monsters and jokes borrowed from the works of Douglas Adams.

The documentation also describes a feature that allows players to reroll new characters. They may even specify minimum features! This is normally something that we expect of Angband, not NetHack. It also contained lots of new items such as the scroll of consecration that built an altar on the current square (with the odds of the altar being co-aligned depending on the scroll's BUC), the scroll of undo genocide which re-enables generation of a particular monster, scroll of reverse identify that lets you identify a type of item (e.g. ring of conflict – "Ring of conflict is twisted ring") or an appearance (e.g. "Bubbly potion is restore ability"), wand of wonder which duplicates the effect of zapping a random wand, potion of radium which makes you very sick, and potion of cyanide which makes you very dead.

NetHack TNG was also the source of Schroedinger's Cat though it behaved differently. It had a 50/50 chance of a potion of radium, potion of cyanide, and a live cat or a potion of radium and a dead cat.

NetHack TNG has become obscure, as apparently no one has bothered to port it to newer versions of vanilla NetHack. Though Sebastian Klein's original distribution site is missing, J. Ali Harlow offers NetHack TNG (in the form of a patch from the 3.1.3 sources) on his archive site.

However, TNG seems to be more popular among Japanese players. Apparently TNG was ported to JNetHack, resulting in "JNetHack-3.4.3-0.8-TNG".

Large parts of NetHack TNG have been ported to SLASHTHEM.

Anglophones have noticed NetHack TNG back when Edrobot was using it as a vehicle to put Douglas Adams jokes into Dudley's dungeon. The story arc began at 24 April 2007; NetHack TNG became a plot twist at 1 May 2007.

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