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NetHack: The Next Generation, a variant of NetHack 3.1.3, added a large number of items. Many of these have been incorporated into other variants (Slash'EM Extended and SLASHTHEM). One item, the "ring of health", later appeared in mainstream NetHack (starting in 3.3.0) as the ring of gain constitution.


Item Symbol Base type Alignment Notes
Mumakbane ) Long sword neutral Deals additional fire damage to mumakil.
Wormbiter ) Crysknife neutral Deals additional physical damage to worms.
Shocker ) Electric sword neutral Deals additional electrical damage.
Scales of the Dragon Lord [ Red dragon scale mail chaotic Invoke for a dragon breath attack.
Burned Moth Relay ( Relay unaligned Gives additional AC while carried.
Wand of Might / Wand of wishing unaligned Unique wand of wishing found in the Castle.
Key of Access ( Skeleton key unaligned Found on the Key Level. Invoke to branchport.
The NetHack Sources ( Pack of floppies neutral Quest artifact for the Geek role. Grants searching, ESP, and regeneration. Invoke to identify.


Item Symbol Notes
Electric sword ) Uses long sword skill. Better damage and to-hit bonus than katana.
Tooth of an algolian suntiger ) Dropped by algolian suntigers. Uses knife skill. Better damage and to-hit bonus than vanilla crysknife.


Item Symbol Unidentified appearance Notes
Gauntlets of typing ] Randomized AC 2


Item Symbol Randomized appearance Notes
Ring of health = Randomized Equivalent to the current ring of gain constitution, which did not exist when NHTNG was made.
Ring of timely backup = Randomized Item on The Computer Level.


Item Symbol Randomized appearance Notes
Amulet of second chance " Randomized Saves your life if you are killed, but resets health to value before the blow or event that killed you.
Amulet of data storage " Randomized Item on The Computer Level.


Item Symbol Randomized appearance Notes
Bag of digestion ( Bag "Eats" items in its inventory when looted (like a cursed bag of holding).
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy ( Highly-complicated electronic device Confuses the player or (if hallucinating) gives false rumors.
diode ( Two-wired thing Dropped by destroyed computers.
transistor ( Three-wired thing Dropped by destroyed computers.
IC ( Many-wired thing Dropped by destroyed computers. Short for "integrated circuit".
God-o-meter ( Highly-complicated electronic device If blessed, indicates if it is safe to pray. If not blessed, increases prayer timeout.
Relay ( Four-wired thing Base item for the Burned Moth Relay.
Pack of floppies ( Box containing little plastic cards When applied, has a chance of confusing the player (if you draw "Microsoft Windows 3.1").
Bottle ( N/A Created sometimes when a potion is quaffed. Used with a chemistry set to make potions.
Chemistry set ( Box of obscure-looking glass devices Used like a magic marker to create potions.


Item Symbol Notes
Hacker's Food % Gives 800 points of nutrition; can be eaten in a single turn.


Item Symbol Randomized appearance Notes
Potion of extreme power ! Randomized If non-cursed, raises HP and maximum by 1-10 points (1-20 if blessed). If cursed, reduces HP and maximum by 1-10 points.
Potion of recovery ! Randomized Raises HP to maximum. (The potion of full healing technically only gives 400 HP.)
Potion of invulnerability ! Randomized Gives temporary invulnerability to hit point loss.
Potion of heroism ! Randomized
Potion of cyanide ! Randomized Sickens you, reduces strength by up to 10 points, and costs a significant amount of health, depending on its BUC status. If thrown at a target or inhaled, reduces the target's health to 20% of its current value.
Potion of radium ! Randomized Sickens you. If thrown at a target or inhaled, reduces the target's health to 25% of its current value.
Potion of Jolt Cola ! Randomized If non-cursed, cures hallucination and heals 5 HP. If blessed, has a 10% chance of granting a level up. If cursed, lowers health by 0-9 HP.
Potion of Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster ! Randomized "You feel like having your brain smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick." Confuses you for 6-42 turns; if cursed, has a 25% chance of lowering intelligence. If blessed, may cure lycanthropy and restore maximum hit points.


Item Symbol Randomized appearance Notes
Scroll of mass murder ? Randomized If non-cursed, allows the player to kill all monsters of a selected species on the same level. If cursed, summons 4-6 monsters of that species.
Scroll of undo genocide ? Randomized Re-enables generation of a genocided species.
Scroll of reverse identify ? Randomized Reveals the appearance of a selected unidentified item, or the identity of an item with a specified random appearance. You do not need to have an item of the type in your inventory.
Scroll of consecration ? Randomized Attempts to create an altar at the player's location. If uncursed, it will be coaligned; if blessed, the player can choose its alignment; if cursed, it will be unaligned (dedicated to Moloch).
Scroll of root password detection ? Randomized Item on The Computer Level.


Item Symbol Unidentified appearance School Level Notes
Spellbook of finger + Randomized Divination 2 Functions like wand of probing.
Spellbook of chemistry + Randomized Divination 1 Nonfunctional "spell" that must be known in order to use a chemistry set.


Item Symbol Randomized appearance Notes
Wand of acid / Randomized Shoots an acidic ray, similar to a yellow dragon's breath attack.
Wand of draining / Randomized Behaves differently from the SLASH'EM wand of draining. This wand reduces the target's HP by half of its maximum, reducing the user's current health by the same number of points. (Inspired by a wand in Angband.)
Wand of wonder / Randomized Has a random effect.
Wand of bugging / Randomized Item on The Computer Level. Creates 1-6 bugs and/or heisenbugs.


Spoiler by Sebastian Klein [1]