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( Bell of Opening.png
Name Bell of Opening
Appearance silver bell
Base price 5000 zm
Weight 10
Material silver
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

The Bell of Opening is a unique item you encounter during the Quest (along with your role's quest artifact). It is one of the items needed for the invocation. It is a silver bell when unidentified, and can be used as a silver weapon if need be. Hitting things with the Bell equipped does not break weaponless conduct.

When applied with charges, it will detect secret doors and traps (including magic portals) in your visual range in a radius of 8 squares like a wand of secret door detection, and also cause you to be spit out if engulfed (like a wand of opening). If blessed, it will additionally open things (doors, chests, drawbridges, etc.) If cursed and charged, it will not have any of these effects; it will instead raise the dead (but will not revive corpses) and wake nearby monsters.[1] Uncharged, it acts as a normal but unbreakable bell. A successful use of a non-cursed bell of opening when not engulfed or attempting to use an uncharged bell of opening for the invocation will fully identify the bell.

The Bell starts out with three charges,[2][3] and may have a maximum of 5 charges. If you use them up, you will have to charge it up before doing the invocation. In addition to the invocation, it is useful to find the secret door along the temple wall in Moloch's Sanctum.

The Bell of Opening cannot be put into a container and is impossible to destroy, like all invocation artifacts.


Bell, Book and Candle is a Catholic excommunication ritual.

Encyclopedia entry

"A bell, book and candle job."
The Bursar sighed. "We tried that, Archchancellor."
The Archchancellor leaned towards him.
"Eh?" he said.
"I _said_, we tried that Archchancellor," said the Bursar loudly,
directing his voice at the old man's ear. "After dinner, you
remember? We used Humptemper's _Names of the Ants_ and rang Old
"Did we, indeed. Worked, did it?"
"_No_, Archchancellor."
* Old Tom was the single cracked bronze bell in the University
bell tower.

[ Eric, by Terry Pratchett ]


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