Holy Spear of Light

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Base item silver spear
Damage vs. small 1d6 (+1d20) +10
Damage vs. large 1d8 (+1d20) +10
To-hit bonus +5
Bonus versus undead
Weapon skill spear
Size one-handed
When carried


When wielded


When invoked
  • illuminates a 12-square radius
  • damages undead
Base price 4000 zm
Weight 36
Material silver

The Holy Spear of Light is a rather useful artifact added in SLASH'EM[1]. It is lawful, intelligent, has +5 to-hit and +10 damage to undead monsters: L, M, W, Z, ghosts and shades. The Spear's best use is its invocation, which permanently lights a section of the dungeon, and also damages undead and demons caught in the light. High level undead such as Vecna have a chance of resisting. Being a spear, it also provides the +2 to-hit bonus against kebabable monsters.


The spear's most noteworthy use is its invocation power:

"The Holy Spear of Light shines brightly for an instant!" (if not blind)
"The Holy Spear of Light grows warm for a second!" (if blind)

The spear illuminates an area with a radius of 12 squares centered on the player. Note that this is larger than even a blessed scroll of light, with a 9-square radius, making the spear very useful for lighting your way. Non-spellcasters will probably want to blank all the extra scrolls of light they have. Note that the spear is intelligent and will therefore blast you if you are not Lawful.

Within this radius, undead and major demons take damage.

"<monster> burns in the radiance!" (if you can see the monster)
"You hear cry(ies) of intense pain!" (if you can't)

This damage will never actually kill these monsters; A minimum of one remaining hit point is ensured. This will also not anger any peaceful undead it affects or decrease tameness of tame undead.

Note that if you are playing as a vampire or are polymorphed into an undead or demon, your hit points will be divided by 100, with no minimum cutoff of one hit point. Death from this hit point loss will not revert you to your normal form, and will instead kill you outright. Also note that high-level or high-MR monsters may resist this damage altogether.

Damage Done to Monsters

Hitpoints are divided by 10 - \frac{distance^2}{10}:

Distance from player Damage taken (% of monster HP)
1 89.90
2 89.58
3 89.01
4 88.10
5 86.67
6 84.38
7 80.39
8 72.22
9 47.37
10+ 0.00


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