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Unique demons in SpliceHack are more numerous than their incarnations in vanilla NetHack. They also have lower AC, and are much more dangerous.


Bribing a lawful demon prince is similar to NetHack, but with a few key differences. The demon will cycle through the following checks in order.

  1. If the player has a playing card deck in their inventory, the demon will offer to play a game of chance with the player for dominion of their soul. If the player refuses, the demon will get angry.
  2. If the player has a powerful object in their inventory, the demon lord may demand it in exchange for safe passage. Objects demanded include any artifact (except Sting, Orcrist, and those necessary for ascension), a bag of holding, or a wand of wishing.
  3. If the player does not have a powerful object or refuses to hand it over, the demon will demand a monetary bribe of 2000–3000 zorkmids, with an additional 1000 demanded if the player is of a different alignment to the demon. If the demon is in possession of the Amulet of Yendor or the hero is deaf, a sum of money greater than the amount in the player's inventory is demanded.

Dark speech

All hostile unique demons are capable of using dark speech. Each turn, there is a 118 chance that the demon utters something in the dark speech. If the player does not have sonic resistance and is not deaf, one of several effects will occur.

Probability Effect
15 Intrinsic loss, as if successfully attacked at night by a gremlin.
15 Withering for 40–80 turns.
15 Take 6d6 damage unless psychic resistant.
25 Nothing happens.

List of unique demons

Name Sym Alignment AC Attacks Lair Notes
Juiblex & Chaotic −17 Engulfing 4d10 disease, Spit 3d6 acid Yes
Zuggotomoy & Chaotic −14 Claw 2d6 poisonous (dexterity), Claw 2d6 poisonous (dexterity), Tentacles 2d6, Passive 3d4 random element No Can create aspects of herself when coming into contact with corpses.
Buer & Chaotic −15 Bite 4d6, Claw 2d6, Claw 2d6, Claw 2d6, Claw 2d6, Claw 2d6 No
Pazuzu & Lawful −12 Weapon 3d6, Weapon 2d6, Bite 2d6 wind, poison gas breath No Will always start as peaceful and solicit the player for a bribe when summoned.
Kostchtchie & Chaotic 3 Weapon 3d10 knockback, Weapon 2d8 fumbling, Hug 2d12 No Attack that inflicts fumbling for 1–30 turns 12 the time. The chance of this occurring drops to 17 of the time if the player is resistant to cold.
Yeenoghu & Chaotic −15 Weapon 3d6, Weapon 2d8 confusion, Claw 1d6 paralysis, Spell-casting 2d6 magic missile No Wields a triple flail that does a large amount of damage.
Baphomet & Chaotic −15 Weapon 3d7, Claw 3d7, Head butt 3d8, Breath 1d6 curse items No Breath attack curses items in the player's inventory.
Orcus & Chaotic −16 Weapon 3d6, Claw 3d4, Claw 3d4, Spell-casting 8d6, Sting 2d4 poison Yes
Geryon & Lawful −13 Claw 3d6, Claw 3d6, Sting 2d4 poison No
Dispater & Lawful −12 Weapon 4d6, Spell-casting 6d6 No Has a random spellbook, as opposed to a wand of striking in vanilla.
Malcanthet & Lawful −16 Gaze 4d6 blind, Weapon 2d6, Claw 2d6, Claw seduction Yes Can seduce the player regardless of their gender and orientation.
Baalzebub & Lawful −15 Bite 2d6 poison, Gaze 2d6 stun Yes
Mephisto & Lawful −17 Head butt 4d4, Spell-casting 4d4 fire, Claw 2d4 Yes Grudges against Asmodeus. Fire resistance only halves the spell damage from his spell.
Asmodeus & Lawful −17 Claw 4d4, Spell-casting 6d6 cold Yes Grudges against Mephisto.
Demogorgon & Chaotic −18 Spell-casting 8d6, Sting 1d4 drain life, Claw 1d6 disease, Claw 1d6 disease No