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It might be worth saying something on this page about the extent to which the locations of special levels are indepentent of each other. For example, Medusa's Island is always above the Castle, whether the stairs to Vlad's can occur on the same level as the Wizard's Tower or FakeWiz, etc. --Andronikus 17:23, 11 June 2008 (UTC)

Illustrated dungeon branches

There was a hand-drawn map of the dungeon branches that I think would make for a good bit of trivia, here, as fan-art. I have no idea of it's origin, least of all it's license, and my searches are fruitless; I wouldn't feel right uploading it here. Though if anyone can find that out I know my way around raster image editors—and I can fix up it's crudeness significantly (see the modified version below). I can tell you this image is quite old, for the internet at least, going back several years (I believe I have a copy on my drive of at around five years ago).

Would be easy to argue fair-use for a small copy of which (were the artist or true source found), but then you'd never be able to read the text labels and it'd really just defeat the point entirely. Pretty sure there is nothing wrong with just linking to it here, though.

I'll be back here—eventually—to add an image of the illustrated branches, and it'd be (perhaps slightly, perhaps heavily) based on this image in question. Then it'd look great, and be enough for me to say it's my own work (which it would be!). A graphical outline, akin to the ASCII outline presented on this page, would be nothing, both in it's making (quite easy) and it's point (as there is no real reason for it to exist). What I mean is an active illustration. And I do mean just a thumbnail, here, at that (it'd be 250kb, at least).

Modified version {170kb} (curves tool, to hurl the contrast up incredibly, not that I couldn't do far more)
Fair warning: I don't like even linking to where I got my copy, being off-site and not exactly notable, or link rot to kick in, but here it is. These issues being why I didn't just add it as an external link.

I apologize if this image has already been discussed elsewhere. I'm obviously not the first person to have seen it. Feagradze 08:10, July 8, 2010 (UTC)

Other Maps?

I like the text-based map here but I think you should include maps such as this for, say, SLASH'EM's mazes of menace, or other variants. Or something. -Anon


The UnNetHack section could probably be improved by some information about the Heck^2 levels that are mixed in with Gehennom. --Ozymandias (talk) 16:25, 26 September 2013 (UTC)

Can Jubilex have have Stairway to Vlads Tower ?

According to JUBILEX.DES, the level can have a branch (wich can be in the left region, similar to the downstairs), and I don't find any code that should prevent this (If at all, it could only prevented while working through the DUNGEON.DEF, so if there would be something wrong with the level, this would probably cause a panic). In the worst case, the guarantied island on the left side should also support two staiways, because it is 4 tiles big. But the article say it cannot have the branch (and I never played a game where the branch was in Jubilex' Level). Has anyone ever played a game with the branch in Jubilex' level ? -- 00:33, 18 May 2014 (UTC)

No, from the article: "this means the stairs to Vlad's Tower can be located on any special level except Juiblex' swamp and both Fake Wizard's Towers."
Here's why: the stairs to Vlad's are 8-12 levels below the Valley, and Juiblex's is 3-6 below the Valley. These ranges do not intersect. The corresponding lines in Dungeon.def are:
BRANCH:		"Vlad's Tower" @ (9, 5) up
LEVEL:		"juiblex" "J" @ (4, 4)
--Tjr (talk) 13:34, 18 May 2014 (UTC)
Ahh, that makes sence, but it raises the Question, why Juiblex level Gehennom.des (Sorry it's not Jubilex.des, my bad) has a branch defined ? Is this a remainder from a dereffered brach (Frankensteins Lab ?) or did the DevTeam consider it too hard, then Vlads Tower's branch is in (or above) the Swamp (It's typically impossible to cross the Swamp, when you are wielding a cursed twohanded weapon, so you would be marooned if you can't reach Vlad's Tower to pray.) --
I guess it's (a) defensive, fault-tolerant programming, or (b) the final ranges for the depths of the demon levels were decided after making the maps. --Tjr (talk) 16:14, 30 May 2014 (UTC)