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Seal of Astaroth.jpg

Astaroth, the Broken Clockmaker

He is very old. He is hurting very badly. He is underwater, in space, and everywhere else. He cannot get off his chair. He is stuck there forever because he is so badly hurt.

[ SCP-1348, SCP Foundation ]

…not afraid of The Lord, for He is as we are, broken and scattered. As we restore the body of God, so we restore ourselves. To join with the Lord is good. As we give honor and worship to the Lord, so does He honor us. To serve the Lord is good. As we guard the Lord from harm, so does He…

[ Church of the Broken God Bible Fragments, SCP Foundation ]

Binding Ritual

An eroded item (rusty, corroded, rotted, or burnt) item must be placed in the seal. The item is repaired as part of the ritual. Negative enchantment is also fixed, but a negatively enchanted item is not sufficient for the ritual to proceed, the item must be either rusty, corroded, rotted, or burnt.

Astaroth's ritual is different when binding him into the Pen of the Void. In the Pen's ritual, the Pen itself must be rusty or corroded.


You must not deliberately break inventory items. Breaking non-inventory items such as doors and iron bars is permissible.


You weep tears of black oil.


Your tears can be easily seen from a distance.


Wear a blindfold, towel, or a mask.


You are immune to electricity.

You have magical breathing.


Astaroth grants skill in crossbows

Active Powers

  • Astaroth's Assembly: Projects an invisible beam up to 5 spaces in the chosen direction. A electrical explosion centers on the first target struck. This explosion looses 1 die of damage per square traveled, causing a maximum of 5 dice of damage when centered in an adjacent square, and a minimum of 1 die of damage when centered in a square 5 spaces away. You gain increased AC in inverse proportion to the damage dealt by the explosion, 1 point per die of damage lost.
  • Astaroth's Shards: Fires a barrage of shuriken along random ranks. The barrage consists of shuriken equal to your die size + your level/10 + 1. You take damage equal to your die size. The barrage may be concentrated by activating it while standing in a corridor or other narrow space.

Passive Powers

  • Rusting: You take 1 damage per turn from being underwater.