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Seal of Paimon.jpg

Paimon, the Fell Archivist

Paymon is a king of hell who governs 200 legions, half of them from the Angelic Order, and half from the Order of Powers. He appears as a man with a woman’s face riding a dromedary, and crowned with a headdress made with precious stones.

[ Dictionnaire Infernal by Collin de Plancy (1863) ]

Binding Ritual

Paimon requires that her seal be drawn around a spellbook. The summoner must face toward the northwest during the ritual.


You must not read scrolls while confused.


A crown floats above your head.


The crown can be seen from a distance.


Wear a helmet, so that the crown appears to be supported.


Paimon grants MC 3 and hungerless casting ala wizards (50% cost at int 15, 25% cost at 16-19, and no cost for int >20).



Active Powers

  • Read Spell: Read a spell from a wielded spellbook. You don't have to pay the energy cost, and there is no chance of spell failure.
  • Book Telepathy: Detect spellbooks on the current level.

Passive Powers

  • Lives to Pages: Targets struck with a wielded spellbook may lose a level, returning a reading to the book (10% chance per hit).
  • Power of Learning: When wielding a spellbook as a weapon, it deals damage equal to your power damage die plus the spellbook's level. For example, a 14th level binder wielding a spellbook of fireball deals 1d5+4 damage. A 30th level binder with the same book deals 1d9+4 damage.
  • Warning against magic: You gain warning against spellcasting monsters.
  • Master Magician: You gain a bonus to spell failure chance equivalent to wearing a robe. This bonus stacks with the bonus from an actual robe.