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Tenebrous, the Demonic Shadow

None shall rest until my vengeance is complete. All who stand in my way shall face the wrath of that which was wrought in the ancient halls of the realm now known only for dust.

[ Dead Gods: Out of the Dark, by ]

Binding Ritual

  • Tenebrous's seal must be drawn in darkness.


You must not spread light (zap or break wands of light or read scrolls of light


Your shadow is unnaturally dark and pools close to you.


Your unnatural shadow can be seen from a distance.


Don't stand in illuminated squares.


Tenebrous grants immunity to life drain.


Tenebrous grants skill with maces

Active Powers

  • Damning Darkness: Damage all non-undead, non-demonic, non-drain resistant creatures (friend or foe) standing near the character (exact radius is level-dependent). Creatures in a lit square are heavily damaged (5 dice), creatures in a dark square are moderately damaged (1d5 dice). Makes the surrounding squares dark.
  • Echos of the Last Word: Remove target adjacent non-unique life-drain resistant, non-genocidable, or demonic creature from the game. Teleports target adjacent unique life-drain resistant, non-genocidable, or demonic creature to a random dungeon level. Does NOT work on Dread Seraphs, and in fact will unbind Tenebrous when used on a Dread Seraph.
  • Touch of the Void: Drain levels from target adjacent creature. Requires a to-hit roll.

Passive Powers

  • Vital Sense: You sense all living things on the level.