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Use the number keys to move instead of hjklyubn. Valid options are:

Option Description
0 move by letters; 'yuhjklbn'
1 move by numbers; digit 5 acts as G movement prefix
2 like 1 but 5 works as g prefix instead of as G
3 by numbers using phone key layout; 123 above, 789 below
4 combines 3 with 2; phone layout plus MSDOS compatibility, where 5 means g, alt + 5 means G, and alt + 0 mean I
-1 by letters but use z to go northwest, y to zap wands

With number_pad set to 1, 2, 3, or 4, counts need to be prefixed with n (n50s to search 50 times). Also, some extended commands are available in a short form (l performs #loot, u performs #untrap, etc).

For backwards compatibility, number_pad without a value is synonymous to number_pad:1.