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Basics :

A fan of Dudley's dungeon, I have written some of the comics there
Current game on Nao
Current game


Date Race Sex Alignment Role Conduct Special remarks
Somewhere in June 2010 Human Male Neutral Samurai None Pretty easy game, that was, after getting snickersnee and wishingfor the Eyes of the overworld.
Sowhere in End june 2010 Human Female Neutral Cavewoman None Easy game after getting the sceptre of might, only problem was the goddam wizard appearing on the goddam sanctum, stealing the goddam amulet just after i kill the priesst and running for his petty life after having stolen my Sceptre and having putten me in a CROWD.



Favorite messages

You kill Death
The priest of Moloch hits Death. Death is killed!

To do list

Role Race Gender Alignment Conduct
Archeologist Human Male Lawful Foodless
Barbarian Elf Female Neutral Vegan
Caveman Dwarf Chaotic Vegetarian
Healer Gnome Atheist
Knight Orc Pacifist
Monk Weaponless
Priest Illiterate
Ranger Polyless
Rogue Polyselfless
Samurai Genocideless
Tourist Wishless
Valkyrie Artiwishless
Wizard Exctinctionnist

A word of Thanks to Andronikus for allowing me to copy paste some of his ideas for his profile.