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Thidwick on and Nethack.Alt.Org. Previously as burpie on NAO (stats, games, deaths, dumplogs, ttyrecs), and YASD on NAO before that.

Dudley's Dungeon

I've contributed the following NetHack comics (as burpie):

Winning with Options

I'm working on the perfect options file for the sake of all beings. The right autopickups and menucolors can save a lot of time and prevent a lot of death.

Please steal my nethack 3.7 options: NetHack 3.7 options settings

Here are my UnNetHack settings: UnNetHack options settings


I have a few public ascensions on NAO and lots of YASDs.

I'm working on ascending each role in alphabetical order on (nh3.7)

Archaeologist: Dec 3, 2020 Archaeologist ascension

Barbarian: Dec 11, 2020 Beginner's luck: I just played my first and only Barbarian, pulled off the protection racket as a neutral human, and ascended. (My first ascension streak ever!)

Caveman: I always go for protection racket; with caveman, that's led to a lot of starvation. Ascension Streak broken. One game with a great huge bones pile with many artifacts but no food; fountain overflowed killing my pet and angering my god; couldn't pray so starved again. Got close: made it to Plane of Water, but ended in YASD(d)—found out it's easy to choke on food as a master mind flayer. Finally, ascended on the 20th try.

Healer: ascended on 8th attempt. I was surprised how weak healers are as spellcasters--except healing spells of course.

Knight: ascended on 2nd attempt. Jousting is powerful!!! The damage is huge and the stunning and knock-back solve the problem of L and major & teleporting to the <. It kept Orcus from using up precious WoD charges. Water monsters don't get a chance to drown you. Twoweaponing with Grayswandir and lance while riding a hasted warhorse is pure destruction. Maintaining a steed is tricky and I drowned virtually all of them. I was being so careful while ascending with The Amulet and yet still drowned a fully geared-up centaur named Galileo Reflecto (bearing his namesake shield of reflection and other +5 gear) in Juiblex's swamp. Then, after wishing for and then killing my Ki-Rin with a reflected death ray, I gave up on steeds for the remainder. However, I will still look for a saddle and lance for my Samurai and Valkyrie ascensions—maybe even for Priest and Tourist.

Monk: 7/13/2023 Monk ascension. The hardest role so far and must have done 30 failed runs. In the end, I did not roleplay and went with full armor—however ascended with several challenges: no bones, no genocide, no object polymorph. Minetown on the successful run was Orctown instead—which is always disappointing.









I'm a big fan of UnNetHack. Gurr created an excellent Android port of UnNetHack.

--Thidwick (talk) 02:22, 20 July 2020 (UTC)