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The wall is a terrain type represented mainly by - and |, or  .

The solid black   generally represents solid, unfinished rock, and the other glyphs some kind of "finished" walls.

There are a few ways to pass through walls.

  • You can dig through most walls.
  • You can pass through walls if you are polymorphed into a monster that can do so.
  • A tunneling monster will randomly dig through walls, clearing a path for you.

Sometimes items randomly generated gold and gems are embedded in solid rock walls. This random loot will never be generated in finished walls. If a monster, such as a Xorn, is killed while phasing through a wall, any objects it is carrying will become embedded in the wall.

If you don't have any means of digging, kicking the wall will sometimes make the item fall loose, allowing you to pick it up. You can also zap the objects with a wand of teleportation to move them to random locations on the level. Embedded items can be polymorphed with a wand of polymorph, but this does not remove them from the wall.

Note that   can also represent air.

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