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Shock resistance is one of the vital resistances to acquire. It will protect you against the shocking attacks of spheres, energy vortices, grid bugs, electric eels, and blue and Chromatic dragons. Mjollnir and lightning bolts will not hurt you, nor will electricity traps on chests.

Spheres, vortices, grid bugs, dragons, eels, Mjollnir, lightning bolts, and shock traps may still detonate wands and rings. Shock resistance may be acquired by eating gelatinous cubes, blue dragons, storm giants, puddings, electric eels, or the Chromatic Dragon. If it's of the right material to eat, you may also get it by eating the ring of shock resistance. Monks get shock resistance at XL 15.


Shock resistance can be obtained from eating the following corpses (along with the odds of getting the resistance), listed in the order you might find them in the game:

Shock resistance can also be gained by being crowned by your god.


The following messages are associated with shock resistance:

Your health currently feels amplified.
You gained intrinsic shock resistance by eating a corpse or tin.
You feel grounded in reality.
You gained intrinsic shock resistance by eating a corpse or tin, while hallucinating.
You feel insulated!
You gained intrinsic shock resistance by gaining a level.
You feel conductive!
You lost intrinsic shock resistance due to level drain.
You feel a mild tingle.
You were shocked, but suffered no damage due to shock resistance.

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