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In dNetHack and notdNetHack, a zerth mantra is a type of passive ability that is granted from two artifacts: The Sky Reflected and The Amalgamated Skies.


For a particular mantra to be learned, the sum of the character's intelligence and wisdom must exceed the listed value in the table below - this is only required to enable the mantra, which will always be applied once learned.

Name Stat requirement Effect
Missiles of wrath Sum > 21, Wisdom < 8, Sanity < 25 Magic missile spell damage dice have +2 faces, dealing +1 damage per die on average.
Scripture of steel Sum > 23 Pets get +1 AC, +1 to-hit, and +1 level on their monster magic resistance rolls. When wielding the Sky Reflected, the Silver Sky, or the Amalgamated Skies the PC gains an additional 1 + weapon enchantment to-hit.
Submerge the Will Sum > 27 While you have spell protection, you take half damage from magical attacks. This stacks multiplicatively with half spell damage and vaul. Pets gain +10 monster magic resistance.
Vilquar's eye Sum > 29 While you are invisible, monsters must roll magic resistance in order to sense your location. Ordinarily, monsters may sense an invisible PC via non-visual means or via see invisibility.
Power of one Sum > 31 Gain 25 Strength when wielding the Sky Reflected, the Silver Sky, or the Amalgamated Skies.
Balance in all things Sum > 34 While you have spell protection, if you are damaged by an attack all adjacent monsters take 8 damage.
Work of patience Sum > 37 Pets get +8 to their XP threshold, allowing them to more easily reach higher levels. While you are 30th level the force bolt spell deals an additional 10d12 damage.
Zerthimon's focus Sum > 40 Gith silver swords, including the Silver Sky and the Amalgamated Skies, have an increased chance to do bonus damage, based on your Sanity. The bonus is +15% above 95 Sanity, +10% above 90, +5% above 85, and +0% otherwise and stacks additively with the insight-based bonus damage rates.


Obtaining the missiles of wrath requires at most 7 Wisdom and at least 15 Intelligence, making it a challenging combination of stats to attain.


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