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Annam, H, is the Caveman quest nemesis in EvilHack and Hack'EM, replacing the Chromatic Dragon. He is a giant that guards the Bell of Opening and The Sceptre of Might, the Caveman quest artifact.

Annam has two claw attacks, with the first being capable of stealing the quest artifact and the second inflicting knockback, as well as a spellcasting attack. Similar to the Chromatic Dragon, he has several resistances including the standard elemental resistances, acid resistance and sleep resistance, but not disintegration resistance or magic resistance.

Also similar to the Chromatic Dragon, eating Annam's corpse or tin conveys 20% each of cold resistance, poison resistance, sleep resistance, fire resistance, and shock resistance.


Annam All-Father is the chief giant deity in the primary setting of Dungeons & Dragons. Annam's avatar appears as a giant of massive size, standing at least 100 feet (30 meters) tall with white hair, a large full beard, and midnight blue robes. Annam is the creator of the giant race and founder of the former kingdom of Ostoria, which was ravaged by war between giants and dragons; even after the fall of Ostoria and eventual disappearance or exile from Toril (the Earth-like planet where much of the Dungeons & Dragons settings are located), many giants still revere Annam as the father of all giant races. Additionally, Annam's worshipers see him as the embodiment of whatever particular traits they valued: for example, hill giants think of him as a massive glutton, while stone giants see him as an artist, and frost giants envision him as a reveler and warrior.

Annam has a dual nature as both an omniscient god of learning and meditation who could patiently spend a thousand years contemplating a single subject, and as an impulsive and instinct-driven entity who impatiently awaited the conclusions of his long-reaching aspirations - he could also be incredibly stubborn, very rarely changing his mind once it was made up even if new evidence proved him wrong. As a god of creation and fertility, Annam was also particularly lustful, having sired numerous children and keeping multiple paramours, though the failings of his offspring and his lack of a true wife and partner cause him great sadness. Being a god of knowledge and magic, Annam's avatar could cast spells from any school and sphere.

Encyclopedia entry

The giants are destined to rule Faerûn. Honor the Ordning
and your ordning. Never raise your hand against a brother
giant - there must be peace between breeds to see Annam's
prophecies to their fruition. Ostoria is the only hope for
Toril. Do not fear time; it is the bane of your enemies.
Do not underestimate other peoples, but do not allow them to
distract you from your destiny.
[ Creed of Annam, Giantcraft, by Ray Winninger ]