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In NetHack, Camaxtli is the neutral god of the Archeologist pantheon.


Camaxtli, also known as Mixcoatl (Nahuatl "Mixcōhuātl"), Mixcoatl-Camaxtli or Camaxtle, is the Aztec god of the hunt. In several Mesoamerican cultures, Camaxtli is identified with the Milky Way, the stars and the heavens. Under the name of Camaxtli, he is worshipped as the central deity of Huejotzingo and Tlaxcala, and as Mixcoatl he is the patron deity of the Otomi and the Chichimecs, as well as several groups that claimed descent from the Chichimecs. The name "Mixcōhuātl" comes from the Nahuatl words mixtli ("cloud") and cōātl ("serpent").

Mixcoatl is represented with a black mask over his eyes, along with distinctive red and white pin stripes painted on his body - these features are shared with Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, the Lord of the Dawn, as well as Itzpapalotl, the goddess of infant mortality who was sometimes said to be his mother. Unlike Tlahuizcalpanteuctli, Mixcoatl can usually be distinguished by his hunting gear, which included a bow and arrows as well as a net or basket for carrying dead game. Mixcoatl was sometimes worshipped as the "Red" aspect of Tezcatlipoca, the god of sorcerers, rulers, and warriors.



In dNetHack and notdNetHack, Camaxtli is a neutral god of neutral holiness, and his minions consist of standard neutral elementals: air elementals, water elementals, fire elementals, earth elementals, and mortai. His crowning gift is Amhimitl, a neutral bone javelin that has +1d5 to-hit and deals +1d8 fire damage against targets without fire resistance, as well as +3d4 holy or unholy damage when blessed or cursed respectively. Amhimitl can be multishot and returns to the character's quiver each time it is fired, with the return occurring prior to the artifact being fired again - if cursed, Amhimitl will occasionally misfire unless the wielder is weldproof.

Encyclopedia entry

A classical Mesoamerican Aztec god, also known as Mixcoatl-
Camaxtli (the Cloud Serpent), Camaxtli is the god of war. He
is also a deity of hunting and fire who received human
sacrifice of captured prisoners. According to tradition, the
sun god Tezcatlipoca transformed himself into Mixcoatl-Camaxtli
to make fire by twirling the sacred fire sticks.

[ Encyclopedia of Gods, by Michael Jordan ]