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Dwarf is a monster attribute in NetHack that indicates when a monster should be considered dwarven.[1] It has many effects, but most significantly it helps determine whether your actions constitute cannibalism or same-race sacrifice.

It is easy to tell if a monster is dwarven, as all dwarven monsters have the word "dwarf" in their name.


In the dungeon, you can encounter the following dwarven monsters:


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The dwarf attribute is used to determine the following things:


In the source, the dwarf attribute is represented by the macro M2_DWARF.[1]

Encyclopedia entry

Dwarfs have faces like men (ugly men, with wrinkled, leathery skins), but are generally either flat-footed, duck-footed, or have feet pointing backwards. They are of the earth, earthy, living in the darkest of caverns and venturing forth only with the cloaks by which they can make themselves invisible, and others disguised as toads. Miners often come across them, and sometimes establish reasonably close relations with them.... The miners of Cornwall were always delighted to hear a bucca busily mining away, for all dwarfs have an infallible nose for precious metals.
Among other things, dwarfs are rightly valued for their skill as blacksmiths and jewellers: they made Odin his famous spear Gungnir, and Thor his hammer; for Freya they designed a magnificent necklace, and for Frey a golden boar. And in their spare time they are excellent bakers. Ironically, despite their odd feet, they are particularly fond of dancing. They can also see into the future, and consequently are excellent meteorologists. They can be free with presents to people they like, and a dwarvish gift is likely to turn to gold in the hand. But on the whole they are a snappish lot.

[ The Immortals, by Derek and Julia Parker ]


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