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In the code of NetHack, the M2_PRINCE monster flag (and the is_prince() macro that queries it) indicates that a monster is an "overlord" to its kind.

List of monsters

The following monsters are princes:


Being a prince has the following effects:

  • A prince that can wield weapons and has no special rules for its species is much more likely to receive a weapon.[1]
  • When throwing projectiles, a prince gets a +2 multishot bonus.[2]
  • A prince's weapon will always be at least +1, and its armor will be at least +0.[3] Note that their equipment still has the usual chance of being cursed.
  • Demon summoning by same-race sacrifice cannot summon a demon prince. Only demon lords and princes can summon demon princes with their melee attacks.
  • Sitting on a throne with no effect produces a different message, namely "You feel very comfortable here" instead of "You feel somehow out of place..."; this is purely cosmetic - the tangible effects of sitting on a throne are unchanged.

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