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Thoth Amon, @, is the Barbarian quest nemesis.


Thoth Amon is a powerful spellcaster, and is definitely hard for the unprepared. He can curse your items, destroy your armor, and even summon nasties, making facing him head-on in melee a bad idea, especially without magic resistance. Like all @, Thoth Amon does not respect Elbereth.

However, he can be immobilized or taken out from a distance through various means. A wand of cancellation can reliably prevent him from casting spells, as he has very low MR; without them, his weaker melee attacks are easily manageable for a level 14 barbarian. A wand of sleep can render him entirely helpless against the barbarian's powerful melee attacks, and a wand of death can kill him outright.

Encyclopedia entry

Men say that he [Thutothmes] has opposed Thoth-Amon, who is master of all priests of Set, and dwells in Luxor, and that Thutothmes seeks hidden power [The Heart of Ahriman] to overthrow the Great One.

[ Conan the Conqueror, by Robert E. Howard ]
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