Wand of extra healing

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Name extra healing
Appearance random
Base price 300 zm
Weight 7
Type beam
Maximum charges 13
Monster use May be used defensively by monsters.

The wand of extra healing is a wand added in SLASH'EM, SlashTHEM, and Hack'EM. Zapping yourself will heal 6d8 HP, up to the maximum, cure hallucination, and will exercise strength and constitution. Zapping a monster will heal 5d4 HP, +10 if the wand is blessed or cursed[1]. This means that a cursed wand of extra healing is more potent than an uncursed wand.


Wands of extra healing were also added to Hack'EM with a few extra effects. If one engraves with a wand of extra healing after the wand of healing has been identified, it will be auto-identified by process of elimination.

If zapped at zombies, the wand instead inflicts damage equal to what it would normally heal.

Breaking this wand heals you and any surrounding monsters.


You feel much better
You zapped yourself with a wand of extra healing
The bugs on the <floor> look healthier!
You engraved with a wand of healing or a wand of extra healing
Foo begins to look much better
A monster was affected by a zapped wand of extra healing