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NetHack 3.6.4 is the 34th public release of NetHack. It was released on December 18th 2019, just 13 days after the previous release.


Nethack 3.6.4 is available from the official NetHack website.

Significant changes

This release fixes a major security issue: CVE-2019-19905. There were some other changes[1]:

  • Fixes message when player's steed encounters a polymorph trap.
  • Allows teleporting onto the vibrating square.
  • Fixes a message when the player's inventory was full and they tried to pick up gold
  • A flying player can use > to travel down holes or trap doors instead of escaping a trap and trying again.
  • A polymorphed player hiding on a ceiling can use > to unhide.
  • On Windows, all game files can be stored on a portable device using the option 'portable_device_paths'.