Parrot (Pirate patch)

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This article is about the flying parrot added in the Pirate patch. For the flightless parrot in SLASH'EM, see Parrot.

The parrot is a monster added in the Pirate patch, as a possible starting pet (along with the monkey from vanilla) for the Pirate role.

This parrot is significantly different from the parrots that can be found in SLASH'EM, which belong to the c monster class (with footrices, chickens, and cockatoos) and are flightless. The Pirate's parrot can fly and belongs to the B monster class, along with bats, though like the raven it is considered a bird. In fact, its attributes are almost identical to those of the raven, except that it has a slightly weaker bite attack and no blinding attack, and is herbivorous.


The presence of two "parrots" with significantly different characteristics poses a challenge for variants that include both the SLASH'EM parrot and the Pirate patch. Slash'EM Extended and SlashTHEM, which add the Pirate patch (along with other patches and original content) to SLASH'EM, avoid confusion by renaming the Pirate parrot an airborne parrot.