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) File:BFG.png
Name BFG
Appearance ovoid device
Damage vs. small 1d2
Damage vs. large 1d2
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill firearm
Size two-handed
Base price 3000 zm
Weight 100
Material silver

The BFG is a weapon that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack. It is a type of futuristic firearm that can fire any item as a projectile. It is one of the many forms that the Annulus can take.

The BFG is huge and has a default object material of silver, and appears as an ovoid device when unidentified.


The BFG is not randomly generated, though it can be found in bones files. Only Tourists are capable of wishing for a BFG.

The Paths of Law in the Law Quest has a 11000 chance of contain a BFG or a platinum wand as part of the fallen clockwork war-machine wrecks, giving a roughly ~0.4% probability of obtaining at least one BFG.


The BFG has a range of 100 squares and a base firing rate of 3 projectiles per shot, with modifications depending on the ammo used: the firing rate is double for bullets, increased by 12 rounded down for shotgun shells, and decreased by 12 rounded down for rockets.

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