Candle of invocation

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Name Candle of invocation
Appearance runed candle
Base price 50 zm
Weight 2
Material wax
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A candle of invocation provides light and never burns out, making it a somewhat useful tool to take into Gehennom and other dark places.

However, the main use of this type of candle is to summon extra-planar beings, the main use of which is to summon a djinni in order to make a wish.


To use the candle, light it with (a)pply and then #invoke it. This will produce a menu from which one of the candle's summoning functions can be chosen. The candle will be consumed. Cursed candles cannot be lit, but attempting to do so won't consume the candle.

Summon Djinni

Summons a djinni, which immediately grants one wish to the summoner.

Summon Servant

Summons a tame angel, demon, fey, or primordial being. See the pets page for some suggestions.

Summon Demon Lord

Summons a hostile demon lord (chosen off a menu). The main use of this function is to summon a particular demon lord to kill for its equipment.